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About us

ABEONA Business Services + Coaching AG

does existe since 2010 and is a public limited company locatedin the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Gabrielle Schaffer Burkhalter

Managing Director and Partner

Talents: Input - Intellection - Learner - Connectedness Activator - Relator

Phone No.: +41 79 784 28 45



I am a proven generalist with experience in various industries and roles on a local and global level.

In my education and in my professional life, I have always been interested in broadening my knowledge and experience. Curiosity is one of my strongest drivers and allows me to better understand both matters and people.

I love to think, ponder and reflect. My perceptiveness and mental agility enable me to clearly present and explain topics and facts. By nature, people are more important to me than things, which has a great influence on what I do - with my head and heart.


As a manager, I can encourage others to achieve results, to be willing to work on projects, or to be enthusiastic about ideas. Being able to recognize and appreciate the special qualities, talents, interests or experiences of others also helps me. Both in development and training as well as in coaching, these skills are the basis for the successful achievement of goals.


I am happy to serve people and organizations with the purpose of developing new possibilities.

You can find out more about my qualifications and my career at Xing & LinkedIn.

Peter Burkhalter

Managing Director and Partner 

Talents:  Relator - Learner - Strategic - Includer - Achiever - Activator

Phone No.: +41 78 727 45 46



During my career in international ICT companies, I was able to fill various roles and gain extensive experience as CEO, Business Development Executive, Head of Partner Business, Project Manager, Product Manager or Integration Engineer.

It was and is important to me to share my knowledge, skills or experiences with others. And I use my knowledge as a coaching tool when I promote and develop people, and a sincere relationship is important to me.

I know my strengths and limitations and communicate transparently. My authenticity enables me to build lasting relationships with employees, customers, stakeholders and friends that create trust. For me, trust is the basis for successfully doing business.

My natural gift for strategy development, i.e. anticipating, playing through and planning different scenarios, makes me an agile partner for stakeholders in business development and project management. My ability to gather information quickly enables me to keep myself and my clients up to date. In the realization I concentrate on strengths to achieve optimal results on a personal level as well as in the work group. My ambition is to maximize strengths and achieve the highest quality, which means to fully utilize talents and abilities - the result are better employees, teams, projects and business results.

You can find out more about my certifications and my career at Xing & LinkedIn.


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