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Strengthening Strengths

Achieving Results

Abeona is a Roman "special deity" who watches over the first steps when entering new territory.  It is our mission to support change, new beginning and to bring in our abilities to good use.

To this end, we continuously develope our competences. We explore new subjects, try out new tools so that we can support you optimally and according to the latest findings.

We look forward to making our knowledge and skills available to you with commitment and passion in order to successfully advance new ideas together.


What we stand for

About us

ABEONA Business

Services + Coaching Ltd 

was founded in 2010 and is a limited company based in the canton Freiburg, Schweiz.


Developing strengths

Everyone has talents and strengths and uses them more or less deliberately.


What if you get to know your talents better, develop them purposefully and use them as strengths in the face of challenges?

Talents are an instinctive and intuitive source of wisdom and energy. If you consciously use this energy, you will be able to influence every interaction. You are able to shape your life with more ease.


A strong team

A strong team consists of strong team members and a leader who promotes strengths. Identifying talents and strengths, developing them and putting them to optimal use is the recipe for success of any great orchestra, project team or top team in sports.

When people can regularly use their strengths in the workplace, their motivation and performance increase significantly, both as individuals and as part of a team.


Consulting and Training

Our "Business Services" cover all services that ABEONA can provide can provide in a competent and reliable manner based on the many years of experience.

This includes services in leadership and implementation, business development, product and project management, team development, sales training and coaching.

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